Founded in 1995, Clayton King Ministries exists to share the grace and love of Jesus Christ, make disciples of all people, and nurture those who have a personal relationship with Him. We have the privilege to work alongside the local church to offer eventsinternational and domestic outreach opportunitiesmentor programsspeakers, and online resources

We believe that we have been called to make a local, national, and global impact for The Gospel, and love to partner with organizations that want to do the same. 

We have been blessed to be a part of God’s worldwide plan to redeem His creation back to Him. Our philosophy is based on forming long-term relationships with students and pastors, as well as the global communities that we serve. 

CKM operates as a 501-c3 non-profit organization and is a member of the Evangelical Council for Financial Accountability (ECFA)


Name: Clayton King
Originally from: Fountain Inn, South Carolina
Alma Mater: Gardner-Webb University
Family Info: Married to Sharie, dad to Jacob and Joseph.
What you do at CKM: I'm the Founder and President
What you do outside of work:
I love to read books and write books. I like to hunt bears. I enjoy doing anything with my wife and kids. Also hot yoga. I hold the world record for most sweat ever from a human
Chick Fil A order: Black coffee. Extra well done nuggets with cole slaw and Dr. Pepper


Name: Sharie King
Originally from: Atlanta, GA
Alma Mater: Appalachian State, currently pursuing Masters in Practical Theology at Regent University
Family Info: Married to Clayton with 2 sons, Jacob and Joseph
What you do at CKM: I serve CKM as co-founder, speaker and podcaster
What you do outside of work: I love to be outside, eat dark chocolate, paint, travel and yoga.
Chick Fil A order: Not many GF options, so grilled salad or fruit #bummer

Name: Justin Brock
Originally from: Seneca, South Carolina
Alma Mater: Clemson University
Family Info: Married to Jess and dad to Emery and Greyson
What you do at CKM: I serve CKM as the Executive Director.  I get to see all the moving parts come together, lead our team, and direct our major events!
What you do outside of work: I love traveling, spending time with family and friends, hosting people in our home. 
Chick Fil A order: Depends on the day! However, my default is 8 count nuggets, fries, a Coke Zero, and Polynesian sauce.

Name: Brittany Holloman
Originally from: Peachtree City, Georgia
Alma Mater: University of Georgia
Family Info: Married to Matt with our first little one due in January & mom to our sweet pup, Murray
What you do at CKM: I serve CKM in managing all event logistics while also handling all things administration/finance.  
What you do outside of work: I love spending time with Matt & Murray, serving alongside Matt in our church's student & college ministry, doing DIY projects around the house, eating good food, and living life with those in our community on a regular basis.
Chick-fil-A order: 6-count kid's meal (with fries, duh!) with sweet & spicy sriracha sauce and a large Diet Dr. Pepper

Name: Jordan Hibbard
Originally from: Davao City, Philippines 
Alma Mater: Wingate University
Family Info: Married to Megan, dad to Logan and Barkley (70 lb puppy)
What you do at CKM: I serve CKM as the Director for Trips & Speakers
What you do outside of work: Megan and I love to travel, eat great food, scuba dive, kayak, and spend time together as a family. 
Chick Fil A order: Chicken sandwich meal w/ extra pickles, fries, and 1/2 sweet / unsweet tea

Name: Greg Wells 
Originally from: Tallahassee, Florida
Alma Mater: Atlanta Christian College
Family Info: Married to Ashley, dad to Joel , Hudson, and Ben.
What you do at CKM: I serve as the CKM Service Producer, Staff Pastor, Speaker, and Relationship Manager.
What you do outside of work: I love leading worship, watching movies, dating my wife, and playing baseball with my boys.
Chick Fil A order: Chicken, Egg & Cheese Biscuit and a Salted Caramel Frozen Coffee with a CFA Sandwich with Cheese, Mac n' Cheese, fries, Coke Zero (hold the Zero) with a Cool Wrap with Avocado Lime Dressing and Superfood side with a Sweet Tea.


Name: Sarah Randolph
Originally from: Anderson, South Carolina
Alma Mater: Liberty University
Family Info: Married to Jeff Randolph, mom to Lydia Randolph (2). 
What you do at CKM: I serve CKM as an Administrative Assistant and Hospitality Coordinator. 
What you do outside of work: I love serving alongside Jeff in Student Ministry, spending time with family, being out at the lake; trying new restaurants and chasing Lydia around!
Chick Fil A order: 4- count chicken mini; Chicken cobb salad with Garden Herb Ranch; Grilled Chicken Cool wrap with ranch or grilled chicken nuggets with mac n cheese and a Sprite!

Name: Tucker Ficklin
Originally from: Forest City, North Carolina
Alma Mater: Appalachian State University
Family info: Single as a pringle.
What you do at CKM: I get to serve CKM as a graphic designer, social media manager, writer, and content developer!
What you do outside of work: I’m a huge movie nerd, I love going to concerts, traveling to new places, trying new restaurants, writing, pretending I can sing, and as of late, doing yoga. 
Chick Fil A order: Spicy Deluxe with as much Polynesian sauce as they’ll give me.


Name: Josh Gardner
Originally from: Columbus, Ohio
Alma Mater: Liberty University & NOBTS
Family Info: They are each awesome!
What you do at CKM:
I serve as the Viceroy of Recruiting Excellence, Speaker, and Discipleship Resource Creato|What you do outside of work: I love being on mission with my family, making disciples, and planting churches.
Chick Fil A order: Grilled Spicy CFA Sandwich with Monterey Jack Cheese,waffle fries with Chick-fil-A Saice and Polynesian, and a delicious Cherry Coke


Name: James Garcia
Originally from: San Diego, California
Alma Mater: North Greenville University
Family Info: *Not sure what to put here*
What you do at CKM:
I serve CKM as the Creative Developer handling all digital content production for the ministry.
What you do outside of work: I Love playing video games, working out, and always finding new ways to visually tell stories.
Chick Fil A order: I'm a Chick Fil A Club guy. Extra sauce.