Don't Forget Your Underwear

by: Emily Becker, CDH9

Have you ever been on a mission trip and forgot to pack a mosquito net, resulting in fear of getting the West Nile Virus every night in bed? Or did you forget to pack enough underwear? Maybe you forgot your pillow, making jet lag that much worse. You might have a mom who over packs your suitcase, but here are some items she might not have thought of:

Dryer sheets. Eventually you'll realize how bad your clothes smell during the trip, even clothes you haven't worn yet. Dryer sheets will help you feel refreshed. Sometimes that's the motivation you need to push through days hard at work.

Baby wipes. “Because international trips means international food, and sometimes that results in some extra time in the bathroom. A little first class treatment will make all the difference.” -Meghan Mukri, CKM Missions Director

A family photo. You can relate to someone in a different culture by showing them a piece of who you are from home. What better way to do that than by showing them a picture of your family.

Whether you're going on a mission trip for one week or three months, there are some things you don't want to leave behind. Realizing you needed something that you didn't bring could put a damper on your mood during the trip. When you're doing ministry work, it’s best to have your heart in the right place. And sometimes the little things really do matter.

About the Author:

Emily  is a recent graduate of Liberty University with a degree in Advertising and Public Relations. She is currently a communications intern at Clayton King Ministries and a participant of Crossroads Discipleship Home. You can follow her on Twitter at @embeckador to catch up on the latest news about coffee, cats and quotes from Bob Goff, or read more than 140 characters at