Discerning God's Voice

By: Abby Hamrick, 2015 Summer Staff 

I think the ways that God chooses to speak to different people is so interesting...

Do you ever hear from Him?

Usually I hear His voice, other times I have thoughts that aren’t mine and know are directly from Him. Recently, and every so often, I feel like God puts a word on my heart that goes along with a season that I’m either going through or will be soon. These aren’t complicated words that would necessarily mean anything to others, but they always end up being really significant to me. 

I remember ‘joy’ was one of those words for me. It was apparent in EVERYTHING I read, listened to, or heard about. Not long after, I went through a season in life that I need to be reminded that my joy comes from the Lord and not from my circumstances. He was preparing me for that particular season.

After ‘joy’ came ‘power.’ This word was regularly in my quiet time, conversations with my friends, and seemingly everywhere. Then, I went through a time that I needed to consistently remind myself that the Lord holds all of the power and authority over what happens in my life, not me. This took a lot of pressure off me, and reassured me that He is walking with me and knows what lies around the corner. 

‘Freedom’ is my word right now.   

I tend to worry about things quite a bit; it’s something I have to consciously choose to stop doing.  Philippians 4:6 says, “Do not worry about anything, instead, pray about everything. Tell God what you need and thank Him for all He has done.”  This is, without a doubt, my life verse.  It’s one I repeat to myself daily, sometimes multiple times a day. I’ve always looked at this verse as a command from God: DO NOT WORRY – like He might be disappointed when I feel like I can’t fully trust Him. Lately, however, He’s showing me that it’s not as much of a command, as it is something He’s given us freedom from. He doesn’t want our minds and our time occupied by worrying about what might or might not happen. He’s taken care of it… whatever it is we’re worried about. He’s got full control of our past, present, and future situations - no matter how big or how small! That’s freeing, isn’t it?  He’s given us FREEDOM from worrying.  

The second half of this verse is another reason I love it so much; I feel like it gives us step-by-step instructions to manage the anxious thoughts. 

  • Do not worry about anything.  
  • Pray about EVERYTHING.  
  • Tell God what you need and thank Him for all He has done.  

I find that when my mind is racing with crazy thoughts and I’m worrying about who knows what, this verse runs though my mind and stops me in my tracks. It changes my whole demeanor from one of anxiety to one of praise and thankfulness for the things I have. I’m reminded all over again how big God is! I’m reminded the ways He’s already provided for me. I’m reminded of His power, and I’m filled with His FREEDOM! 

I don’t know what you're worried about right now…

Maybe you're like me, and preparing for a next step after college, or perhaps it’s something at work or with family. Stop! Do. Not. Worry. There’s freedom for you, friend! Rest in His power and pour out your thankfulness to Him. He’s a big God, and your worries and cares are held in His hands. He’ll take care of it, but until then, we’ll wait and we’ll praise Him.


About the Author:

Abby Hamrick is a student at Trident Technical College in Charleston, SC, where she is working on a degree in Hospitality and Tourism and a certificate in Event Management.  After finishing school she hopes to be an event planner (most likely to plan weddings). Abby was a camper at Crossroads Summer Camp for 5 years growing up, and this year will be her first year working as a part of staff at camp.  Also, her Instagram name is @ABBYHAMRICK