You Are Not Alone

Simeon (age 5) accepted Jesus into his heart. He said, "I drew a picture of God because he's in my heart now."

Simeon (age 5) accepted Jesus into his heart. He said, "I drew a picture of God because he's in my heart now."

by: Emily Becker

Over the span of seven weeks, we’ve seen nearly 5,000 students attend Crossroads Summer Camp. From July 4-8, 2016, more than 650 students participated in a special week, Go Week, designed to provide both a fun camp experience and service-oriented projects for local organizations throughout Anderson and Greenville, SC.

Students served over 30 charities including Habitat for Humanity, Meals on Wheels, and Calvary Home for Children. Among these charities was a social service and welfare organization called You Are Not Alone

Staffed by volunteers with hearts to serve, You Are Not Alone started in 2009 by Cheryl Addison-Law along with sisters Stacey Addison and Cametra Cotton. The organization meets the needs of impoverished families in upstate South Carolina. Cheryl said, "Since I was younger, I have always taught children how to read, write, etc. It is my passion to make sure they know what the world has to offer."

The mission of You Are Not Alone is to equip our youth with the necessary tools to be successful and knowing the value of hard work, integrity and conviction of character. Our vision is for each of our youth to graduate from the program as well-rounded individuals who become leaders (pillars) at home as well as our community. 

Our Crossroads Summer Camp team of staff and campers ministered to the children at You Are Not Alone by coloring with them, exercising, and sharing the Good News. All of the children heard the Gospel, the first time for many, and 10 made decisions to accept Jesus into their hearts.

“My experience there gave me a spiritual boost! Ten got saved after a pastor from a church that came with us to serve shared the Gospel,” Ciara Delgado, Crossroads staffer said.

Not only were these kids able to hear that they are loved, but they were also able to learn how to share the Gospel with their friends.

Learning how to share the Gospel with their friends. 

Learning how to share the Gospel with their friends. 

“They absolutely loved learning how to share about the love and salvation found in Christ!” Ciara said.

You Are Not Alone is already reaching a large number of children, but the needs exceed their current capabilities. The public school system doesn't drop off to their facility, and without a van they don't have a way to transport children to their location. So many more children could be reached if there was a way to provide transportation.

God planted this seed to meet the needs of children throughout our community, but funding is limited without established donors for You Are Not Alone

What does that mean for us?

God has given us the opportunity to pray.

As God’s chosen people, we are called to pray for one another, especially those in need.

  • Let’s choose to pray for this organization.
  • Let’s pray God would provide a way for their ministry to reach the unreached.
  • Let’s pray so many more lives will be touched by this offer of love.
  • Let’s pray God would do something huge in Anderson to provide kids and families with so much more than they ever imagined!

God has given us the opportunity to pray to give financially.

Whether you give regularly to your local church or a cause already, pray God would give you clarity about potentially giving to You Are Not Alone. This is an opportunity to bless others with the gifts God has given us. Do you feel compelled? Do you feel called? Pray and consider donating today.

God has given us the opportunity to pray to give tangibly.

Oftentimes we feel compelled to give, but are not in a financial state to do so. But what if there are other tangible ways to give? Another way we can provide help and hope to You Are Not Alone, and many organizations just like it, is by donating to fit their needs. 

Do you have unused or gently used office supplies around your home or workplace? Maybe you have a box full of markers and craft supplies that you haven’t touched in months. Does anyone you know have tables or chairs in need of good use? Or what about clothes that your children don’t fit in anymore? Maybe you feel compelled to give, and maybe these are tangible items for you to give to a ministry that will use it to serve to the Kingdom.

The Big Ask:

The biggest need for You Are Not Alone is a means of transportation. Are you able to meet that need? Do you have access to a van that can be donated?

We are praying boldly that God will provide spiritually, financially, and practically. If that is something you want to be a part of, please consider praying or donating today.


If you would like to partner with us to support You Are Not Alone, please contact us at or 864.437.8455.