What do you love the most?

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by: Josh Gardner

There is a simple way to discover what you love in this life. 

And I’m not speaking of love in the way that you might love a hot dog. However, that does bring a story to mind...

When my sister was in 2nd grade she loved hot dogs. I mean really loved them. She even received a note home from school from her teacher. I vividly remember my mom asking her, “Did you eat hot dogs every day for lunch this last year?!” My sister responded, “On November 13th, I had a piece of pizza!" I couldn't help but laugh hysterically. She really had eaten hot dogs almost every day. She loved hot dogs!

“For where your treasure is, there your heart will be also.” Jesus Christ

Have you heard the story of how our ministry began? It began with God speaking directly into the heart of a teenage boy. Simply and profoundly Clayton King heard in his heart, “PREACH THE GOSPEL AND MAKE DISCIPLES,” and the Clayton King Ministries (CKM) and Crossroads Summer Camp legacy began. When it comes to legacy, there is really only one type that matters... the eternal legacy of your life. We're in that business...

I often think of my own story and how it will end when I stand before the King of Kings. On that awesome day when everything has been reconciled, the old made new, when the Lord is praised in every corner of the Earth. I will be so happy to have labored and given to His cause. Every minute and every penny given to the King will be rewarded on that day.

Perhaps, even now, you have begun to think about the things that truly matter, and are excited about what the Lord is going to do to reconcile this whole world to Himself. If you are someone who is desperately worried about the next generation, we invite you to join our mission, Jesus' mission to see people pass from death to life. 

Let’s do it together!

We have a strong desire to be faithful to Jesus' command to go everywhere and to everyone with the Gospel. We are dreaming of a generation reached with the Gospel that goes on to share with every unengaged people group in the world.

“Nothing happens unless first, we dream.” Carl Sandburg, American Poet

We need partners for the road ahead who will count the cost and sacrifice for the sake of the Gospel. We need people to financially support our team. We need people who will connect with us for opportunities in their church and neighborhood. We need prayer warriors to pray for our Gospel proclaimers. There is so much opportunity to partner and we are praying you will.

We are praying for 200 monthly donors. Will you be one?

In the New Testament, we see the baseline giving of 10% thrown out the window in favor of radical generosity that has characterized the Church ever since. Let's be radical for Jesus.

He's what we love. New life is what we treasure. There are still stories to be told...

About the author: Josh Gardner is the Clayton King Ministries Discipleship Director. Previously serving as a student pastor, Josh and his family recently relocated from Florida to serve our ministry. He's a self-proclaimed Jesus junky and Gospel ninja. He and his wife, Che', have been married for 5 years and have two kids, Clara (3 years) and Gabe (10 months).