To Become a Devoted Disciple

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by: Clayton King

Jesus wants to handcraft you to become a devoted disciple of His this school year.

In the midst of this busy season with school, sports, and social life make Jesus the top priority of your life.


Jesus does not want to be on the list of your priorities, he wants to be THE LIST.



  • Read your bible every day.

  • Pray every day.

  • Get/stay involved in church in church and youth group/college ministry.

  • Share your faith; talk about who Jesus is and what He's doing in your life.

  • Be prepared to disciple others. 

Our prayer for you students is this: that you would pursue Jesus with more passion than you ever have before. That you would experience incredible growth in the midst of Christ-centered community. We are praying with you and for you!

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What’s next? Take next steps now!

  • Pick a bible study plan, get started.

  • Schedule prayer time on your calendar.

  • Be committed to attend your next ministry event, put it on your calendar.

  • Pick one person to share what Jesus in doing in your life in the next week.

  • Identify 3 people in your community that need encouragement; send them a text now!

  • Do this with friends, and hold each other accountable!