Returning to Malaysia


Multiply Global is excited to send a team to Malaysia this August. During this trip the team will have many unique opportunities such as working alongside the local Christian school, pouring into the students who attend there, assisting in teaching English through Vacation Bible School activities, and encouraging and partnering with Malaysian pastors. Leading the trip is Sean Bailey, who lives in Orlando, FL with his wife Ginger and their three children. Sean is the VP of Client Relations for the Cares Program at Apartment Life, a partner organization for the multi-family industry focused on increasing resident satisfactionIn this blog, Sean talks about his excitement to return to a country that is near to his heart and his love for the people of Malaysia.


As I think about returning to Malaysia I am immediately drawn to a people who have become an extended family to me, a kinship that stretches hundreds of miles away. You see, this is my first trip back in six years, and though a lot has passed since those days the memories of friendships and co-laborers for the gospel continue to this day.

Just this week I found myself sending a Facebook message on Mother’s day to Janny, who has been my “Malaysian Mom” since my first trip to the Island of Borneo almost eleven years ago. She has been one of many of the people who have never left me and she even visited me here in America over the years.

For many of you reading this the thought of Malaysia is distant and unsure, but the images of children and a land that not many have traveled probably excites you. It was the same for me many years ago. Stories of monkeys walking telephone lines or waterfalls in the jungle, those are the stories you love to hear. But I promise you this - when you come back, it will be the people who will be burned into your heart forever.

As you pray about this trip, pray that God would unite your heart to serve the world in a bigger way. Pray that you would be bold and enter into relationships that would last an eternity. Then prepare for God’s love and grace to fill your heart through the smiles of the Malaysian people that seek to encounter God more abundantly as you will in hut, a rainforest, or a hillside church.

I invite you to join us on one of the greatest adventures of your life, because when God said the ends of the earth, well you can’t get much further than Malaysia.

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Sean Bailey first visited Malaysia in 2006 with a group from First Baptist Church of Orlando while he was on staff. He has served in full time ministry for over 10 years serving both overseas and in his community in Central Florida. Sean currently works with Apartment Life whose passion is sending Cares Teams into apartment communities to change the world, simply by loving their neighbors.