New Administrative Director for CKM

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by: Brittany Vernon, CKM Administrative Director

The word “change” seems to be bolded and underlined in my life these past few years. I have always been open to change; however, when it means giving up everything I have known and the comfort of my friends and family- that is when I tend to become uneasy. It’s a natural tendency, yes, but should that really be my response when it’s ultimately what I have been praying for years? Let me explain.

After graduating college, I worked in ministry for 5 years as both assistant director and director of a free community center provided to the community by my home church. This opportunity stretched me in so many ways. I loved being able to serve both the church and community in a place where it was encouraged to share the Gospel. I was able to engage people from all walks of life and show them Jesus by loving them for who and where they were in that moment of their lives. I was so grateful to serve faithfully in this ministry; however, I wanted to live somewhere other than my hometown and needed to be challenged in new ways.

The Lord granted me with peace to resign from that position and called me to step out in faith and live with one of my very best friends in Anderson, SC. Something you must know about me is that I am Type-A and love to plan ahead. I never saw myself leaving a job and not knowing what I would be doing next, and I know to some it sounds irresponsible. However, I know it was God calling me to take a leap of faith. He provided for me during that transition by allowing me to eventually accept a position within Corporate America. I was treated well in many ways during my time there, but quickly realized that it wasn’t anything I was passionate about and knew ministry was where I belonged. I didn’t know what that meant until, after many months of being faithful in the small things at my corporate job, I was given the opportunity to serve on Clayton King Ministries as the Administrative Director. I knew it was God hearing and blessing me with the desire of my heart to enter back into ministry. It is an honor and privilege to serve our community along such wonderful staff with one mission in mind: to preach the Gospel and make disciples! Change brings about growth and growth produces fruit. After reflecting on the changes in my life these past few years, I am all about embracing change.

Now that you know a little bit about my background, I’ll share 10 quick facts about me:

  1. I grew up in Peachtree City, GA. It’s deemed “The Bubble” because there is no place quite like it. Let’s just say that I learned to drive by driving a golf cart around town. There are marked paths all throughout PTC for golf carts, crazy right?

  2. Believe it or not, I don’t like coffee. Hot chocolate (with marshmallows) all the way!

  3. I may have OCD tendencies…

  4. I have very curly hair, but wear it straight most days.

  5. I went to The University of Georgia and am a big fan. Go DAWGS!

  6. I can’t go a day without listening to music. It soothes my soul. What kind of music? I can appreciate anything other than heavy metal/rock. I mainly stick to songs I can belt my little heart out to.

  7. I adore my nephew (3.5 years old) and twin nieces (6 months old) and try to venture to Charleston, SC once a month to see them.

  8. If you get me laughing for more than 3 seconds, I’ll be crying tears of joy- literally!

  9. I love bookstores. The problem is time escapes me- I’ll be in there for an hour and think it was only 15 minutes! Also, I can never leave with just one book, which then leads to my indecisiveness on what to begin reading. It’s a vicious cycle.

  10. I have the ability to fall asleep practically anywhere at any time.


With that being said, it’s probably time for a nap... Only kidding! I’m hitting the ground running here at Clayton King Ministries as we are preparing for Winter Conference. I cannot wait to meet people, love people and serve people for the Kingdom. Join us in praying for Winter Conference in Gatlinburg as we have the opportunity to reach so many by sharing the Gospel and how we are forever changed because of it!

About the Author:  Brittany Vernon is graduate of the University of Georgia with a Bachelor of Science in Childhood and Family Development. She has more than 6 years of experience in both ministry leadership and community development. She serves at Clayton King Ministries as the Administrative Director. Follow her @BrittVernon.