Trading in a Corporate Badge for Full-Time Ministry

by: Kirstin Bolt, CKM Staff

I’ve spent 13 years of my professional life in Corporate America earning rich global experience in leadership, strategy, brand development, marketing, communications and project management. I was surrounded by invested mentors, brilliant leaders, and given loads of opportunity to learn and grow at a young age; I distinctly remember sitting across from the renowned Lippincott and Lander brand agencies thinking, “What am I doing here?” As I reflect on those years and my many colorful experiences, I recognize that God has been preparing me. He’s been preparing me for this chapter. I’m incredibly humbled to join the Clayton King Ministry family among so many wonderful people that love Jesus.

So you might be wondering, who is this new woman joining the ministry team? Well, I hope we have an opportunity to share a coffee or a hug, but for now, I’ll tell you a bit about myself and when we meet, I hope you’ll share some of you too!

I’m married to Matt, this super cute guy that swept me off my feet 8 years ago with his crooked Clemson hat and undeniable charisma. We’ve laughed together and cried together, but more than anything, we’ve grown into a life with Jesus together.

We have two lab puppies (that aren’t actually puppies – Lillie, 12, and Cooper, 5) that we consider the first of our kids.

We’ve been blessed with two beautiful children with magnetic personalities that brighten every room!  Briggs will be 3 in July and our little Harper nugget is 15 months. Briggs is sharp as a whip, and a self-proclaimed ninja turtle. He loves to be outside! Harper is our comedian; she will make your cheeks hurt and even knows how to wink! She’s on the move and loves her mama!

Now that you know a little bit about my people, I’ll share 10 quick things about me:

  1.  I grew up in Mauldin, SC (I’m a Maverick, y’all), and we live just around the corner in Simpsonville.
  2. I love coffee. It’s like fuel for a working mama…
  3. My love language is quality time.
  4. I love to read, but rarely have enough time to be still and enjoy a book. I find myself digging into several at one time – I’m reading 4 right now:

a.       Make It Happen by Lara Casey,

b.      You’re Made for a God-Sized Dreams by Holly Gerth,

c.       Igniting Powerful, Sustainable, Word of Mouth Movements by the Brains on Fire team, and

d.      I just got my copy of Stronger by Clayton King.

5.  I might have ADHD…

6.  I don’t read children’s books based on their printed stories. We tend to make up our own…

7. Songs go that way too… Did I mention I can’t carry a tune?  Maybe that’s another reason we love our church - worship at NewSpring is loud and full of Jesus… I sound soooo good {wink}!

8. My kids and I have random dance parties.

9. I think everyone needs a good belly laugh…every day!

10. If a movie is from the 90s or before, I consider it black and white.

I love this story that God is writing before me… I can’t wait to dig into the ministry to find people, love people and change lives. God is doing something really special with the Clayton King Ministries team and I’m thrilled to be part of it.

My first day begins a season of Crossroads summer camp 2015! Will you join us in prayer as we have an opportunity to touch the lives of so many for the sake of the gospel?

About the Author:

Kirstin is a believer, wife and mama stumbling through a new life of full-time ministry with a lot of grace, love… and coffee. She’s a storyteller and a purpose-finder that serves the Clayton King Ministry family as Communications Director. She brings more than 13 years of global experience in strategy, marketing, and communication management. Like the city built on a hill in Matthew 5:14, Kirstin has a deep-rooted passion to be a light and pour into others. She’s excited by people, new ideas, next steps and lives on the edge of inspiring people to think big. With a heart for Jesus, she hopes to ignite a movement to further build God’s kingdom.