Meet Mark Asbell

by:  Mark Asbell, CKM's Newest Speaker

Being the new guy here at CKM it seems appropriate to let everyone know a little bit about me, so here it goes.  I committed my life to Jesus at an early age while growing up as a preachers kid, and I’ve been involved in ministry in various capacities ever since.  Doing ministry is just part of who I am.  

Since 2008, I’ve been involved with the financial coaching ministry at my home church, and during that time I had the opportunity to help start a business that teaches biblical personal finance.  I also wrote a little e-book, God Centered Finances, about a balanced perspective on Biblical personal finance.  All of that came about as part of the journey with my (and my wife - we are one) own financial struggle that I've learned so much from and love to share with others.  There are other topics and experiences I feel burdened to address for the purpose of ministry too, like marriage and leadership, but the burden to minister about financial stewardship continues to be where I believe God uses me the most.

It is truly an honor to have the opportunity to do ministry with the amazing CKM team I’ve grown to know and love.  I certainly do not feel worthy but I am more than willing, and that is all God needs.  I can’t wait to get started.  Please keep us in your prayers as we seek God’s best for this next step in serving Him.  

Here are 10 other interesting (or not) things that might be useful to know about me:

  1. I have a wonderful wife, Shawna, and we have three cool kids - Devin, Skyler, and Kylee.
  2. I’m naturally more of an introvert - a thinker.  If I walk right by you with a blank stare on my face, or if I have a delayed response to something you’ve said, it’s not because I’m an unfriendly snob.  It’s probably because my crazy brain is processing something that’s using up all my RAM (only my fellow nerds know what that is).   
  3. I absolutely love peanut butter, particularly peanut butter desserts that combine chocolate with peanut butter in any way.  I absolutely hate sour cream and mayonnaise and some other things that remind me of either of those God forsaken substances.  
  4. Our dog, Daisy, and I have our own language because I’m THAT good with dogs.  Cats and I have a very special hate for one another.
  5. I play the trumpet, or at least used to.  I’m very rusty at it but I can still play.  That is the only instrument I ever truly learned, but one day I would love to learn piano.  
  6. I love to play sports when I have the chance, and in my kids' opinion one of my most impressive athletic abilities is doing a toe touch.  Yes - like a cheerleader…and like a boss…simultaneously…with spirit fingers to top it off.  
  7. I’m part of a men’s workout group called F3 (Fitness, Fellowship, & Faith) where my nickname is Crunchy (because of peanut butter).  
  8. Growing up a preachers kid means I moved several times.  So I’m somewhat of a fan to 5 different colleges’ sports teams - one from each of the 5 states I’ve lived in.  Ole Miss, LSU, FSU, Ga Tech, South Carolina.  I’m one of those guys who will pull for the other teams in my states as long as they’re not playing one of these I’ve chosen to be a “fan” of.  So I’m really not a good fan at all.   
  9. I’m a morning person.  My wife is not.  We frequently compromise by staying up late, getting up early, and enjoying coffee together.  We are totally Starbucks loyal even at home.   
  10. I like to read biblically based self help, marriage, and leadership books - and an occasional business book still holds my attention.  One day I’d love to get more in to biographies and history, but it seems there’s always more work to do on becoming a better version of who God made me to be.

I look forward to getting to know you too.  Let me know how I can serve you.  

About the Author:  Mark Asbell, husband and father of three, lives in Anderson, SC. He received a Bachelor of Science degree in Operations Management from Southern Polytechnic State University, and has worked in both large corporate and small business environments while doing ministry part-time or as a volunteer for most of his life.

He and his wife, Shawna, got married in September of 2000. They were both raised preachers kids, which makes them double trouble, and their upbringing has greatly influenced their perspective and heart for ministry. Their marriage is complete with lots of working through life’s difficulties that they love to use to teach others.

In one pivotal season of their marriage they experienced tremendous financial hardship as well as breakthrough that came from God’s faithfulness to His word.

Mark wrote about some of that experience and learning in an e-book, God Centered Finances, and also had an opportunity to help start an organization that teaches biblical financial principles and practices.

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