Spaghetti for Christmas

by: Colin Mukri, CKM Creative Developer

This recipe may seem simple as you skim through the ingredients, but please don’t skim through the instructions! I have some secret tricks for you that will make this dish beyond average.

First of all, boil a pot of water till the water is boiling. Go ahead and throw your pasta of choice in the pot. Add the baking soda into the pot of boiling water when the noodles are halfway done -- this little trick will lift the flavor of the pasta, making them as savory as can be. Just be careful to not let it spill over! The dance of removing and adding heat back will be involved in this.

Heat up the pan with the olive oil and toss the meat into the pan once it’s at medium heat. Add the seasonings and stir accordingly. You will notice that the pan will get greasy as the meat cooks, do not be afraid! If you’re using organic meat, those are healthy fats that you should have in your body.

Once the meat is cooked, add the vodka sauce and vinegar into the pan. You can use regular white vinegar or apple cider vinegar, both will add more ‘punch’ to your sauce. Once your noodles are ready, throw the butter into the pan and let it melt as you handle the noodles. This small tiny step will glaze your sauce with buttery goodness instead of letting it drown too much in the vodka sauce.

Drain your pasta, place them in a big bowl and drizzle it with olive oil. This will give it a little more shimmer (we eat with our eyes too!) and savory pasta is always better than dry in my opinion.

You are ready to serve your best spaghetti ever.

Garnish it more with some Italian seasoning and Parmesan, and you’re all set.

About the Author:  Colin Mukri hails from the beautiful country of Malaysia. He first connected with CKM as a college student at Liberty University. After working on our summer staff and serving in CDH program, Colin now serves the ministry as Creative Developer. With a diverse range of skills in photography, design and media, Colin makes things beautiful and engaging. His heart is music though - well music and our Missions Director, wife Meghan Mukri and their puppy Milo.