10 Things About Holly Myers

by: Holly Myers, CKM Speaker

I love to read a book based on the cover. I will walk down the aisles and look for covers that grab my attention and then read all about it on the back.  Before I commit to buying it I will read the first sentence and if it doesn't pull me in I usually put it back (so shallow I know). Growing up I was often judged by my outer appearance and because of that it took me years to figure out who I truly was. I can now look back at my past and a see the seasons of my life where I displayed robotic-like behaviors such as dressing and acting the way others wanted me to. It took many years to come to terms with just how weird I am, yet being totally ok with it. I am learning to love who I am one day at a time. I have discovered some funny and weird things about myself, and I would love to share 10 things you may not know about me.

  1. I can't use a pen if it doesn't have a lid
  2. My favorite smell is a skunk (I wish I could bottle it)
  3. I once clogged on the Grand Ole Opry/Star Search and Hee Haw (there is my 15 minutes of fame)
  4. I don't like pizza (unless it's mellow mushroom)
  5. My favorite television show is Criminal Minds (just not late at night)
  6. I don't eat fast food (unless Panera counts)
  7. My favorite food is any type of beans
  8. I may or may not have had a problem in the past with eating bubble gum (and it may or may not been green apple)
  9. I usually never know the right song lyrics so I make up my own
  10. I love to get prizes (my love language is gifts)                                                                               

I love meeting new people, and even more I love finding out weird things about them. Now that you know a few odd things about me, here are a few not-so-odd things. I am married to my high school sweet heart Richard, and we have now been married for almost 19 years.  We have two teen daughters Rebekah and Rachel, along with two dogs.  We live in North Carolina. My life verse is Ephesians 3:20, I am a diehard Seminole fan, and I love anything with a birdcage or bird on it.

I believe the beauty of who God created us to be can be distorted when we try to become who others want us to be, so just BE YOU today!

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Holly Myers is the President and Founder of Unbound, a ministry of Revolution Church. Holly desires for girls and women of all ages to understand what true beauty really means and to embrace who they are both inside and out.  Holly struggled for many years with self-image, food addiction and understanding who she was in Christ.  Both of these struggles led her down a long path of pain, but have ultimately drawn her closer to her creator and allowed her to experience freedom.  It wasn't until Holly recognized that Christ desires to set us free from those things that keep us in bondage that she was able to speak about it.  Holly has learned that God created her to speak into the lives of girls and women, and cultivate a heart that loves Him because of how they were created.  Holly speaks at various conferences and events.  She also educates others on the issue of Domestic Sex Trafficking. Holly is passionate about seeing freedom in the lives of each and every girl and woman. 

Twitter @hollyhmyers

instagram simplyme_holly

Facebook https://www.facebook.com/hollymyers