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Episode 12: Marian Jordan Ellis (Live from Winter Conference 2016)

Episode 12 of the CKM Podcast is with Winter Conference speaker Marian Jordan Ellis of Redeemed Girls' Ministries. Hear from Marian right after she pours out the Word from the Main Stage at CRWC16. 

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What do Star Wars, Aladdin, and Filet Mignon all have in common, and how do they relate to a Spirit filled life?

President & Founder of Redeemed Girl Ministries Marian Jordan Ellis addresses all these things and more in Episode 12 of the CKM Podcast.

Growing up with “Christianity” centered upon rules and religion, Marian seeks to convey what it means to have a relationship with the Holy Spirit. Guys and girls alike who have ever felt helpless, broken, or unable to be used can relate to Marian’s story.

She addresses questions such as:

What is a Spirit filled life, and what does that mean?

How do we stay present and attentive to the things God has for us now?

How does a woman balance her calling and submission to her husband?

You don’t want to miss this exciting and jam packed conversation on being Spirit Filled.

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