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Episode 16: TRI & Relationships with the Kings

During this podcast, Communications Director Kirstin Bolt interviews CKM Speaker Sharie King, and in the main segment Sharie is back with Clayton to talk relationships... just in time for Valentine's Day. 

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Hear how Sharie's speaking ministry started, and get exclusive information on her new teaching philosophy, TRI

Does a platform to Teach, Reach and Influence matter to your ministry? We think so. 

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Clayton & Sharie King also discuss the many seasons of a relationship. From newly dating and newly married, to married with kids and empty nesters, the couple discusses ways to stay close and keep the romance alive. If you need some ideas for Valentine's Day weekend or even to renew your relationship, take a listen. 

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Episode 14: Clayton King, Brian Burgess, and Carl Cartee



Clayton King shares the story behind Crossroads Summer Camp as we approach our biggest year of camp yet. Join Brian Burgess & Carl Cartee as they discuss the partnership between the worship leader and the preacher in corporate gatherings. 

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Episode 15: Clayton King & Tim McKnight



Join Clayton King & Anderson University Christian Studies Professor Tim McKnight as they discuss the current state of youth ministry in the United States. Then, Meghan Mukri & Justin Brock share about our new ministry partner in Guatemala and the upcoming trip this spring! 

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Youth ministry is in a consistent state of evolution, but thankfully, The Gospel remains constant. 

Some challenges that exist in today's youth culture:

  1. Pornography:  Accessibility and desire/temptation for youth

  2. Social Media:  Consumes thoughts and teaches teens to compare

  3. Broken families:  Divorce, alternative marriage

How do you approach these things? Understanding, humility, a relationship and confidence in what God has called you to do.