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Episode 13: Algernon Tennyson (Live from Winter Conference 2016)




In his second year at Winter Conference, we're live with Algernon Tennyson in Episode 13 just minutes before he takes the Main Stage at CRSC16. 

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"Rub some dirt on it," and, "Toughen up." Phrases we hear so often growing up. Algernon Tennyson has been there, done that, and got the t-shirt. His father died when he was one, and his mother raised him and six brothers and sisters with only a 6th grade education. Algernon is no stranger to roughing it out. In this podcast episode, toughening up the church is addressed.

How do we grow stronger by going deeper?

How can we be obedient as new believers with limited knowledge while still being expectant to grow?

How do we keep from being over spiritual?

Algernon addresses all these questions and more with a special message to those feeling called into the ministry. Tune in today for this great dialogue and message from our brother, Algernon.

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