Ep. 64: Clayton King: Waiting on Number Seven (Sermon from CRSC17)

We're a few months out from Crossroads Summer Camp 2017, but we are still in awe of God's faithfulness and the incredible things He did this summer! Because we're nostalgic, we love listening back to sermons from the summer, and now you can too! 

This is the Monday night sermon from Clayton that each camper this summer at Crossroads heard. We saw hundreds of students respond to the gospel after this message, and we pray that God will use it to minister to you too!

"He so big and he so powerful, and he is so magnificent, that literally when you receive Christ as your savior, you can’t contain him. You can't hold him in. Jesus wants you to live in the overflow of his love." 

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Ep. 63: Sharie King & Friends on I Love You More

On this special episode of the CKM Podcast, Clayton King Ministries Co-Founder Sharie King has a roundtable discussion about her newest book I Love You More (Except When I Don't)These six ladies talk about how the book has challenged and taught them about courage, identity, forgiveness, and much more. Featuring Holly Myers, Jess Brock, Beth Marshall, Cherie Duffey, and Stacy Tarrant, this is a podcast full of wisdom that you don't want to miss out on! 

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Ep. 61: J.D. Greear (Part I)


On this episode of the CKM Podcast, Clayton sits down with pastor and author J.D. Greear. Greear is the pastor of The Summit Church in Raleigh-Durham, North Carolina and the author of many books, including Gaining by Losing:  Why the Future Belongs to Churches That Send Stop Asking Jesus into Your Heartand Gospel:  Recovering the Power that Made Christianity Revolutionary

"The best proof that you are a follower of Jesus Christ is the fact that you are in a posture of repentance and faith towards Him at this very moment." 

Greear talks about his experience planting and growing churches, creating a missional culture in his congregation, and balancing many different things with having a healthy relationship with his wife, kids, and people around him. 

"Your quality of life is going to be determined by the quality of friends in your life, not by the size of the audiences you speak to." 

This episode is for anyone that's part of a church plant or growing church, needs to find balance between work and family, or looking to recreate a sending culture in their church or ministry.

"We don't measure our success by our seating capacity, but by our sending capacity. We want to be a leadership factory."

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Ep. 59: Brad Lomenick (Part I)


Brad Lomenick is an author, speaker, strategic advisor, former director of CATALYST Conferences, and all-around leadership guru. His books include The Catalyst Leader and H3 Leadership.

On this episode of the CKM Podcast, Clayton sits down with Brad to discuss the difference between calling and assignment, lessons he's learned throughout his many leadership positions, and how to effectively lead leaders. 

Be sure to check back for Part Two next week! 

Ep. 58: Clayton King: Tell Your Story (Sermon from CRSC17)

Crossroads Summer Camp 2017 was absolutely incredible. 1,308 students responded to the gospel (530 for the FIRST TIME!), 385 students responded to a call to ministry, over $42,000 was collected for missions, and 4,484 total campers and chaperones experienced an incredible week that only God could have orchestrated. 

We are still excited and celebrating everything God did this summer, and what better way to reminisce about camp than listening to the sermons?! 

On this episode of the CKM Podcast, listen to Clayton's sermon "Tell Your Story", recorded live from CRSC. Listen and learn how our stories are the best tool God gives us to share the gospel! 

Ep. 56: Tyler Reagin of Catalyst

We are so excited to have Tyler Reagin back on the CKM Podcast!

Tyler is the director of Catalyst, the premiere Christian leadership organization in the United States, which serves over 5,000 church leaders a year. Clayton sits down with him to talk about life-giving leadership, how to steward your influence, and how to embrace your God-given gifts and talents. They also discuss Tyler's exciting new book project on life-giving leadership.

Ep. 55: Adam Kersh & Meredith Knox

On this episode of the CKM Podcast we hear a live performance from our Crossroads Summer Camp Week Two worship leaders, Adam Kersh & Meredith Knox. Then, Josh Gardner sits down with the two of them to discuss leading worship for students. If you're a worship leader or any kind of ministry worker, you don't want to miss this episode!