Episode 40: Part 1, Clayton King & Brian Burgess

Clayton King and Brian Burgess are lifelong friends and grew up discipled by the same, late Wilkes Skinner. Brian has been called to a life of evangelism. For more than 29 years, he has been faithful and consistent serving the Kingdom in a number of capacities from student ministry, church missions and global outreach, to law enforcement care and prayer and motorcycle Gospel rallies. 

Today, Brian is an itinerant speaker for Clayton King Ministries, teaching the bible all over the United States. Brian and his wife, Angie, have four kids: Brixon, Briven, Xavier, and Jorja Rayne. 

In today's episode of the podcast, Clayton and Brian discuss:

  • Importance of a spiritual mentor
  • Importance of the call for the believer and unbeliever 
  • Importance of an invitation

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"Iron sharpens iron. None of us can do this on our own." @BrianBBM @CK_Ministries Epi 40 #CKMPodcast | Click to Tweet

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"Pagans teach for information. Pastors teach for transformation." @BrianBBM @CK_Ministries Epi 40 #CKMPodcast | Click to Tweet

"We do what we do for transformation, that calls for an invitation." @BrianBBM @CK_Ministries Epi 40 #CKMPodcast | Click to Tweet

"Be faithful in the small things. God will supernaturally bless it." @BrianBBM @CK_Ministries Epi 40 #CKMPodcast | Click to Tweet