Episode 39: Sermon from Clayton King, "I Am Forgiven"

If you've got sin in your past, or done things you regret...Jesus came for you. 

If you're carrying the weight of the world on your back...Jesus came for you.

If you're walking in darkness, desperate for hope... Jesus came for you.

In episode 39 of the CKM Podcast, Clayton King preaches the Gospel with a teaching from the Gospel of Luke 23:32-43 as Jesus hung on the cross, dying between two criminals. 

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"He loves us because He's God not because we're good." @Clayton_king @CK_Ministries Epi 39 #CKMPodcast | Click to Tweet

"Here's how you convert from death to life: You ask Jesus to save you." @Clayton_king @CK_Ministries Epi 39 #CKMPodcast | Click to Tweet

"Jesus loves us in spite of every wicked thing we've ever done or said." @Clayton_king @CK_Ministries Epi 39 #CKMPodcast | Click to Tweet

"You have never done anything so bad to keep you out of the Kingdom of God." @Clayton_king @CK_Ministries Epi 39 #CKMPodcast | Click to Tweet

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