Episode 38: Part 2, Clayton King & Pastor Naeem Fazal

If you've heard Episode 37, Episode 38 hasn't come soon enough! Clayton King and Ex-Muslim Naeem Fazal continue the conversation about Naeem's powerful conversion from Muslim to Christian, and more: 

  • The reality of Muslims in America
  • How to engage a Muslim in America
  • How to pray for Muslims


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"Christians have to rise up w/a radical kind of love that's not fearful of people that look different." @NaeemFazal@ck_ministries #CKMPodcast | Click to Tweet

"Evangelism is joining a conversation that God is already having with someone." @NaeemFazal @ck_ministries Epi 38 #CKMPodcast | Click to Tweet

Naeem Fazal, a Pakistani, was born and raised in Kuwait. He grew up in a Muslim family, was a teenager in the midst of the Gulf War, and came to the United States in 1992.

He had a supernatural experience with Christ that changed the course of his life. His story has been told on ISPN, Christianity Today, along with several other Christian networks and publications.

He is the author of the book Ex-Muslim and the founding pastor of Mosaic Church in Charlotte, NC. He frequently speaks at conferences and churches around the country. Naeem currently resides in Charlotte with his wife Ashley and their son and daughter. 

Follow Naeem at @NaeemFazal. Learn more at NaeemFazal.com.