Episode 30: Part 2 with Clayton King & Algernon Tennyson

Clayton King and Algernon Tennyson are back in the studio in Episode 30 for Part 2 of their conversation on sex trafficking, the next generation, challenges in ministry and effective outreach.

  • How to intercede the root of sex trafficking
  • A passion for the next generation and why they'll make a difference 
  • Challenges in ministry 
  • Our most powerful witnessing tool
  • Why outreach has to be more than one-week of VBS per year

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"Let's show the next generation a God that's not limited by culture or trends." | Algernon Tennyson w/@Clayton_King @CK_Ministries | Click to Tweet

"Relationships will never lose their appeal when it comes to witnessing." Algernon w/@Clayton_King @CK_Ministries Epi 30 #CKMPodcast | Click to Tweet

"Relationships will always the most powerful witnessing tool." Algernon w/@Clayton_King @CK_Ministries #CKMPodcast Epi 30 | Click to Tweet

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About Algernon Tennyson:   

Founder and President of Awaken International Algernon Tennyson is a dynamic and passionate speaker with a heart for today’s young people. His unique speaking style captures the full attention of any audience while imparting spiritual wisdom’s on the many issues facing our society today. From local colleges, youth conferences, camps, and to national organizations on university campuses, he has spoken nationwide for over 20 years, successfully reaching across all racial and cultural diversities.

Algernon continues to travel internationally, leading trips that equip and teach young adults how to engage their culture all the while impacting their communities in the most positive ways they can. Most recently, he has become engaged in the fight against human trafficking and remains committed to fighting this epidemic.