Mission Trip Referral Form

Mission Trip Referral Program: 

The absolute best form of promotion and recruitment is by word of mouth, and who better to help us recruit the most qualified short-term missionaries than you! This program is intended to give you a little incentive to get out there and tell people about the work that Crossroads Missions is doing across the globe. 

Who is eligible? Summer Staff and Mission Trip Participants, select Youth Pastors, and friends of the Ministry. The only eligible people would have to have received this link through a personal email. 

Who is not eligible? Current Year- Round, Full-Time and Part-Time Employees of Clayton King Ministries 

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Mission Trip Referral FAQ's: 

How many times can I refer?  As many times as you'd like!

How much can I earn?  You can earn up to $300 in referral incentives every 2 years.  

When will I receive my incentive?  Once the person you referred has paid their trip balance in full, we will mail you your gift card.  If you chose a mission trip voucher for $150, you will receive a certificate in the mail that you must send back to us when you are ready to use it (expires 18 months from date of issue). 

Can I use my voucher for my current trip? No, if you are already registered for a trip, we have already set the budget for your team and cannot make scholarship adjustments.  This applies to your referral as well.  They may not use a voucher for their current trip.  

What happens if someone else refers the same person?  Referrals will go to name that the applicant writes on their acceptance packet.  

Who tells my referral they were suggested for trip? Crossroads Missions will send an email to your referral, but you should definitely give them a personal invite so that they know you hope they will go on a trip!  

Does the person I am referring get an incentive as well?  Not at this point.  However, you are welcome to split your incentive gift card with your referral.  The vouchers for a mission trip cannot be transferred to your referral at this point.  

When does my referral expire?  Your referral expires if the participant's current application does not place them on an upcoming trip. 

Disclaimer:  Please remember that this is an incentive to bring NEW people into the missions program.  Please do not refer people that you already know are planning on attending a mission trip.