Are you a parent of a trip participant?

Read our Parent Promise HERE.


How can I apply?

You can fill out part one of the application online HERE. Someone from our Missions Team will follow up with you soon after we receive this.


What are the age requirements for a trip?

To go on a Crossroads trip without a chaperone you must be at least 15 years old. Younger students are still encouraged to go if they have a personal chaperone with them such as a parent, youth pastor, etc.


What if the trip is full?

We accept applicants on a first come first serve basis. If you applied for a trip and it fills up before you have the chance to send in “Application Part 2,” which secures your spot on a team, then you will be asked if you would like to join one of our other teams that still has space available. If you are not interested in any of the other trips at that time, then your completed application will be kept on file for one calendar year. If at any point during that time you would like to go on another trip then you could contact us and we would transfer your information to the open trip of your choice.


Can I get a refund for the trip?

Unfortunately, no. Crossroads is a non-profit organization and therefore cannot issue refunds. Once you have paid the deposit, or any additional amount, you cannot get that money back.


What if I signed the financial contract and then decide not to go on the trip?

Once the financial contract is signed you are obligated to fulfill the contract, and pay for the trip. You are responsible for this amount because we have already paid for your airfare and in country reservations for your trip.


What if I raise more money than needed for the trip?

If Crossroads has received more money for your trip than is needed, then you have the opportunity to send in receipts for things such as immunizations and your passport and we can reimburse you for them. However we, as a non-profit organization, cannot issue refunds. The extra money will go to the general mission trip fund, which will help others on the trip that are having a harder time raising their funds.


How can a participant in the mission field be contacted?

For every trip there is a point person who is located at the CKM office. If there is an emergency and someone in the mission field needs to be contacted, you can call the office at 864-437-8455 or e-mail go@claytonkingministries.com. The point person will also be sending you updates about the team (when they arrived, how and what they are doing, as well as when they are headed home).


How safe is the mission field? 

We would never send a team if we felt it put our participants' lives at risk. We do not allow participants to go anywhere alone or without a leader while on the trip.


How do I raise the money and what does it cover? 

We encourage participants to try to get donations for as much of their trip as possible. Different ways to do this can be through a number of fundraisers such as support letters, love offerings, t-shirt sales, church events, etc. The money that you raise will cover everything from the time you begin the trip to when you get back. This includes airfare, food, housing, materials, and any extra expenses or tourist activities that we may do as a team. The only extra money you would need would be for extra food in the airports or any souvenirs that you might like to buy in country.


Are donations tax deductible? 

Yes! All donors will receive a tax receipt at the end of the year documenting all of their donations to the ministry within that fiscal period.


Who will be leading the trip and how are they chosen? 

Generally, our team leaders are individuals who have had a long history with our ministry. We have served with them on several other international mission trips and trust in their ability to lead a team effectively overseas. We insure that the team leader has an appropriate knowledge of the country and culture and could adequately share that with the members of their team. 


How can I prepare to serve cross culturally?

Great question! Here are some ways you can begin preparing to serve on a CKM team. 

1. Grab coffee with someone you know (or ask your church to connect you with someone) that has served on a team before and ask questions about their travel experience (what they wished they packed!), their ministry opportunities, and what the Lord showed them through serving. Take notes!

2. Do some research about the country, or state, where you will be serving. What is the primary language? What are some major cultural differences you see? Do they drive on the left or right side of the road?

3. If you live in or around a city, find a local restaurant that serves international cuisine! You may be able to find food from where you will be going, if not, just experience an international meal and flavors that are new to you! it will be great practice! 

4. We recommend taking some time to read on your own as well. You could commit to studying and reading the Book of James (a personal recommendation) or reading, Serving with Eyes Wide Open by David A. Livermore. You can find this book on Amazon. 


What shots do I need for the trip?  

Crossroads recommends that you have Hepatitis A and B vaccinations and an up-to-date Tetanus. We also encourage participants to set up an appointment with their family doctor as well. The most up to date list for recommend vaccinations for international travel can be found on The Center for Disease Controls website here: http://www.cdc.gov/


What kind of clothes should I bring? 

It is important to remember that once you are on the mission field that you will be serving and representing Crossroads MIssions. Therefore, while you are packing you should be conscious of the clothes that you will be wearing. You also have to remember that the culture that you are going to might not be the same as what you are use to, so to respect the different culture that you might be traveling to we ask that: 

1.    Females pack shorts that are at least fingertip length.

2.   Clothing should not be too tight, or revealing.

3.   No spaghetti strap or strapless tops.

4.   Make sure to pack at least one pair of sandals (when entering houses it is polite to take off shoes, and you may be going into many different houses in a short period of time) and a pair of close-toed shoes.

5.    No offensive slogans or profanity should be on clothes.

6.   Bathing suits should be a one piece. No two piece bathing suits please.

7.   Males should wear their shirts at all times.

8.   Also remember that any tattoos or piercings may need to be covered at all times.


What do I need to bring?

Each team member will get a specific Packing List for their trip, but in general here are a few things to remember: Bible, notebook, clothing, sandals, close-toed shoes, sunscreen, bug spray, towel, pillow, Passport, water bottle, raincoat, work clothes, church clothes, & necessary toiletries.


How do we get to our mission site?

You are in charge of getting yourself to the departure city for team orientation the day prior to your trip departure listed on the website. Transportation to orientation is not included in the trip cost listed on the website.

We will provide housing if needed that night and transportation to the designated airport for your flight. Our teams fly out of Charlotte, NC or Atlanta, GA. Your itinerary will be emailed to you during training, but feel free to contact us sooner if you need to make travel arrangements! 

Once we land at our destination we will have our host family there waiting to take us to where we will be sleeping for the duration of our trip.


What is orientation? 

Orientation takes place prior to you leaving for your trip. You will usually arrive at the Crossroads office one to two days before you leave for your trip. Here you will learn the details of your trip, as well as be able to bond with your team prior to departure. 


What will I eat?

Be prepared for different foods that may be outside of your comfort zone. You will have three meals a day and have the opportunity to experience food from another culture! Remember in most cultures it is polite to eat whatever is fed to you, so be willing to try things at least once!


Where will I sleep?

For the majority of our trips you will be provided a twin-size mattress to sleep on. The only exception is Brazil, where you will sleep in a single hammock.


Can I shower?

Yes you will be able to shower, but it may not be in a traditional shower. You will have access to water, but you may not be able to bathe on a daily basis. 


What will the bathrooms be like?

You will have access to a shower and a toilet but they may not always be in the traditional American style. For example, in India it is more common to have a “squatty potty.” If this applies to you, we will go over this in detail during orientation.


Will I have electricity?

Electricity is always present, but is not always reliable.


Can I bring electronic devices?

Because the electricity is not always reliable, and the wattage and outlet plugs are different overseas, we highly discourage bringing any unnecessary devices. Plus, we would like for you to “unplug” while you are away and serving. Which means leave your hair dryers, hair straightener, computers, and cell phones at home!


Can I wash clothes?

You are free to wash clothes on your own in the sink or water source provided, however, we encourage students to pack light and re-wear clothing.


How are we getting around once at our mission site?

We will be using in country ministry provided vehicles, with the exception of possible local transportation. 

If you have any other questions - please contact us!

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