The CKM Internship exists to train the next generation of leaders.

We know that serving Jesus with us will bring incredible passion and life to your leadership. We want to invest in young professionals like you - graphic designers, speakers, college graduates, entrepreneurs, business leaders, church leaders, evangelists - and we are convinced that the future depends on your generation.

CKM Internship is a holistic, intentional, and selective program designed to help you grow in your faith and develop your next steps. As an intern, you’ll be mentored by staff members, gain valuable ministry and work experience, and participate in intensive training. At the end of the program, you’ll possess valuable ministry experience, a deep and meaningful relationship with the CKM family, a better understanding of your area of expertise, and life principles by which to live an abundant life in Christ.


To apply for the CKM Internship (August 2019-August 2020), the first step is to fill out the following application.

Once we receive your application and reference form, we will contact you about next steps in the application process.

Please feel free to contact us below if you have any questions! (This is not your application for the CKM Internship.)

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