Thank you for your interest in the Clayton King Coaching Network. Several years ago, Clayton began praying about mentoring a group of individuals as more young men began asking him to disciple them. He realized the need of a coaching network to train men in ministry. Thus, we have created the Clayton King Coaching Network with the following goals:

• To explore the spiritual and practical issues involved with being in ministry leadership

• To build a support group of men who will be a part of your life and ministry for years to come

• To learn from Clayton King and other Clayton King Ministries Staff what it means to live out your calling with character, integrity, and faithfulness


1. The program will consist of two intensive training sessions. Each session will be two full days of training, discussion, and relationship building with Clayton King and other Clayton King Ministries Staff.

The second session for this year is scheduled for December 2-3, 2015.

2. Each session will be held in Anderson, SC.

3. The cost for the program is $800. This covers all meals, lodging, books and materials for each session. $400 is required in order to reserve your spot.

4. Some of the specific topics we will cover include:

Spiritual Growth - How do I prioritize my relationship with Jesus in the midst of being busy doing ministry?

Marriage and Kids - How do I balance my time serving in ministry while not neglecting the most important part of ministry, my family?

Scheduling - How do I decide how many days a month I can work and how many I need for rest, community and sermon prep?

Sermon Preparation – How do I prepare a sermon? How far in advance should I prepare my sermons?

Books - What books are absolutely essential for my personal library?

Money – How much should I be getting paid? Is it ok if my Church is not able to pay a salary?

Longevity – Is it even possible to serve at a local Church and not get burnt out or eventually start to hate the Church?

Alongside the application, please email a clear headshot of you and a reference letter from your pastor. 

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