Crossroads Summer Camp’s foundation is built on our staff. They set us apart - they are the catalysts that God uses to change so many student's lives each summer. For many students summer staff helped them see Christ for the first time, changing their life for eternity.

Many of these students want to help have the same impact on their peers, and they want to serve alongside the people who made such a difference in their own life. That's why we created Summer Serve.

Summer Serve is a secondary-staff program for high school sophomores, juniors and seniors to receive hands-on experience and intentional discipleship while serving alongside our summer and full-time staff.

In it’s third year, Summer Serve has evolved into a three-day leadership development program followed by a week long international mission trip. These three days are geared towards growing and mentoring the Summer Serve Participant - this includes three days of staff engagement, a look behind the scenes of camp, and one-on-one opportunities with Clayton King and the other full time staff at CKM. Whether the participant is interested in pursuing full-time ministry, a corporate career, communications, music or anything else, this program is a unique opportunity to grow and be discipled by college students that are also pursuing many different callings. 

The total cost for this program is $1600 and includes leadership training, an international trip to Haiti*, a camp t-shirt, a summer serve t-shirt, and more.

Put in your application today for this amazing opportunity! 

*  Dates and location subject to change depending on missions needs and availability.

** This is the minimum price, but is subject to change depending on missions location.