With an interesting mix of experience in corporate, ministry, marriage, and upbringing, Mark has has a niche for teaching financial stewardship and relates well to broad audiences on selfless leadership, relationships, and pursuing Godly manhood – all in a culture that is increasingly self-serving.


Mark Asbell, husband and father of three, lives in Anderson, SC. He received a Bachelor of Science degree in Operations Management from Southern Polytechnic State University, and has worked in both large corporate and small business environments while doing ministry part-time or as a volunteer for most of his life.

He and his wife, Shawna, got married in September of 2000. They were both raised preachers kids, which makes them double trouble, and their upbringing has greatly influenced their perspective and heart for ministry. Their marriage is complete with lots of working through life’s difficulties that they love to use to teach others.

In one pivotal season of their marriage they experienced tremendous financial hardship as well as breakthrough that came from God’s faithfulness to His word.

Mark wrote about some of that experience and learning in an e-book, “God Centered Finances”, and also had an opportunity to help start an organization that teaches biblical financial principles and practices.


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