God continues to provide immeasurably more than we could've ever imagined. 2015 was a banner year, but we believe we are just getting started!

Through your generosity, we are able to see more people experience the saving grace and love of Jesus Christ.

Will you stand with us? 

The following are just a few stories of life change that happened in 2015

Meet Tressa

Through unique donations for unreached students, she received a scholarship to attend Crossroads Summer Camp. She heard the Gospel, learned about grace, mercy, a relationship with Jesus, and ultimately surrendered her life to Him. 

This year, 1,200 people responded to the Gospel at Summer Camp and Winter Conference. Can you imagine how many more will receive the Good News of Jesus Christ?

Maddie's Story

 "Tonight, I was saved! I was raised in a religious home but this weekend I realized that I have never had a real relationship with Jesus." Maddie is just one of more than 20,000 people that have responded to the Gospel through our 9 Speakers that travel constantly throughout the year."


During my senior year of college, I applied to the CDH program with Clayton King Ministries and started there the Fall after I graduated. It was a great option because I knew I needed more experience and time to grow and learn about myself. I was also getting to serve a ministry that I loved and had actually led me to Christ in my teenage years. 

For me, CDH was my "year to fail." I was going into it having just experienced the two hardest years of my life, and was really grateful just to have a safe place to try things, even if they flopped. I decided to be honest with myself and others about the things I loved. The next thing I knew, I was assigned my first project to create a business plan...for my art business.I flunked ECON 101 in college, so let it be known that the word "business" and the way it works makes me sweat...a lot. But as I dove into my project, I found there were options I hadn't considered and my eyes were opened to ways I could make this dream work. More than anything, I was pursuing something I loved, and people rallied around me in a way that I didn't expect. The support from my community meant the world to me and gave me the encouragement that I needed to push self-doubt to the side, even if only for a moment.

Why do we assign ourselves to our worst-case scenarios, rather than pursuing possibilities? For me, it was because I was afraid of failing. I still have to combat that every single day. But through CDH and the love of CKM, my eyes were opened to the possibility of pursuing art as my full-time ministry. I learned that grace made a way for me to embrace fully who I am, even doing something not deemed "successful" in the eyes of the world. 

Because you give, J. Louise Designs is a real art business. Don't tell on me, but most of the time it's a mess. But I am learning, I am growing, and I am surprised every day at how this little thing continues to become more than I imagined. 

Thank you for your generosity!


As teenagers, Jason and Laken began attending Crossroads Summer Camp and their hearts melted for Jesus and a desire for more was planted deep in their souls. In 2008, they had an opportunity to serve with one of our mission teams in India. It was there that the Lord took what was once a desire and grew it into a calling. 

Jason and Laken married after college and began a process of missionary training. They spent four years learning language and culture skills to prepare them for a life serving in a remote village of Papua New Guinea. This summer Jason and Laken, along with their sons Copeland and Thatcher, left everything they know to begin making a home in a foreign land.

Today, they are learning the local dialect to translate the Bible in order to share the Gospel and multiply the church in one of the most remote places in the world. 

meet Maria

Maria lives in Guatemala with her family. Because 16-year-old Austin Cromer decided to go on a mission trip, her family received filters that provide clean water up to 10 years! His boldness to share the love of Jesus forever changed their lives. We believe that outreach changes those we reach and those that serve. Today, Austin has answered a call to ministry and is preaching the Gospel in his community here in South Carolina. Can you imagine how many more people will be changed by Jesus if you give?

We are praying and believing for God to continue to provide for the work set out before us. We ask you to join us and Imagine More!