Holly Myers


Holly is passionate about helping others surrender to God’s beautiful grace. She has experienced freedom from her own struggles with self-image and desires to help others experience the same freedom in Christ that comes through surrendering to His grace.


Holly Myers is a passionate, energetic, and relatable woman that strives to minister specifically to girls and women.  She is a part of Revolution Church in Charlotte, NC, where her husband, Richard, is the head pastor. Holly and Richard are also the parents to two wonderful daughters!  She is the President and Founder of Unbound Ministries through Revolution Church. Her burden to begin Unbound Ministries grew out of her own life experiences and desire to help women of all ages overcome insecurities and seek the truth about beauty, freedom and who they are in Christ.

Holly was led down a long path of pain and destruction through her struggles for many years with self-image, food addiction, and understanding who she was in Christ.  When Holly surrendered to God’s grace, her past ultimately drew her closer to her Creator and allowed her to experience freedom. Because Christ set Holly free from the bondage she was in, she recognized a calling to speak to other girls and women that may share her same story.

Holly speaks at various conferences and events to share her story with others, along with encouraging messages about freedom, identity in Christ, and embracing God-size dreams.  She also educates others on the issue of Domestic Sex Trafficking and the work On Eagles Wings Ministries is doing to make a difference in the Trafficking Industry. Holly is passionate about seeing freedom in the lives of each and every girl and woman.


“Holly Myers has the unique ability to make women walk away feeling like they have a new best friend. I’ve seen women drawn to her beautiful ability to communicate the Gospel message with relevance and compassion”
— Sharie King
“Holly Myers is a gifted communicator who captures her audience with authenticity and the power of the Holy Spirit. Her passion is contagious and her joy in the Lord evident. Holly’s messages are not only life-changing but life-giving!”
— Nicki Koziarz | Author and Speaker with Proverbs 31 Ministries
“Holly represents, joy, humor and humility all at once. She keeps it real and speaks the truth. There are not too many gems in this world like that.”
— Moriah Peters | Christian Recording Artist