1. The program will consist of two intensive training sessions. Each session will be full of training, discussion, and relationship building with Clayton King and other Clayton King Ministries Staff. 
    • The first session for this year is scheduled for July 11, 2016.
  2. Each session will be held in Anderson, SC.
  3. The cost for the program is $800. This covers all meals, lodging, books and materials for each session. $400 is required in order to reserve your spot.
  4. Some of the specific topics we will cover include:
  • Spiritual Growth - How do I prioritize my relationship with Jesus in the midst of being busy doing ministry?
  • Marriage and Kids - How do I balance my time serving in ministry while not neglecting the most important part of ministry, my family?
  • Scheduling - How do I decide how many days a month I can work and how many I need for rest, community and sermon prep?
  • Sermon Preparation – How do I prepare a sermon? How far in advance should I prepare my sermons?
  • Books - What books are absolutely essential for my personal library?
  • Money – How much should I be getting paid? Is it ok if my Church is not able to pay a salary?
  • Longevity – Is it even possible to serve at a local Church and not get burnt out or eventually start to hate the Church?