Mother's Day Perspectives: Transparency

I woke up this morning to my daughter Clara screaming at the top of her lungs because she opened the cereal bag and it all went flying across the floor. I walked out to hundreds of Cocoa Crisps spread across my dining room and halfway across my living room floor. Happy Monday morning to me! Oh, but don’t worry. The cereal was organic and low sugar.

Roughly twenty minutes later I was walking around the house on the phone, and around the corner Clara runs up to me with her face covered in red permanent marker. Two seconds later, my one-year-old Gabe runs into the room with red tiger stripes on his face. My imagination jumps to red permanent marker streaks across my light grey walls and down my white curtains. Clara runs crying to her room and Gabe is screaming for the marker. Thankfully the marker was just used as face paint and not to decorate my house, or at least that’s all I know for now. “Can I please just go back to bed and restart my day?”

I hope I’m not the only mom that has those days.

Not to mention the poop on my carpets, the dishes I never got to, and loads of laundry in every room of my house on any given day. If you looked at my Instagram story or most of my photos on Facebook, you would never know that today I am on the brink of curling up into the fetal position on my poop carpet and balling my eyes out. The chores seem endless and the messes never disappear. The kiddos are always hungry and someone always needs my attention.

It is way too easy to create a prison in my mind about how every mom has it together but me. Other moms don’t raise their voice like I do. Other moms have a clean house, better meal plans, and more efficient bedtime routines than I do. Other moms are more patient and more loving than I am.

It just happens. In seconds, I have locked myself away in the prison of comparison.

But the truest thing that I can share about #momlife is that transparency brings freedom.  

No one tells you how defeating and uneasy being a mom can be, until that glorious moment when you finally decide to share the truth of my terrible days and all the moms around you nod and sigh in agreement.

I am not the only one.

Freedom begins to enter my thoughts as other moms are transparent and their stories rival mine. We laugh and agree that being a mom isn’t easy, but it is something that we can do together.

We can cheer each other on and walk forward knowing that we aren’t perfect, but that Jesus created us to be moms to these littles in our life. The joy of being a mom stems from the memories and moments with my little babies, but the freedom of being a mom comes from transparency. Do yourself a favor and let other moms know that your life isn’t perfect. Chances are theirs isn’t either.

When you see hashtag #momlife on social media you don’t necessarily see all the snuggles and giggles, lonely moments and long days, the selflessness and exhaustion, the stories read & crafts created, and all the moments that carry us into the next day with determination and love.

Let’s set each other free.

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