The Best Question a Christian can Ask

I am inquisitive by nature so I ask lots of questions.  My two boys take after me.  My wife asks more questions than all of us.  I am thankful we have the freedom to ask.  But there is one question that every believer needs to keep asking, no matter how long we have known Jesus.

"How can this be?"  Nicodemus asked.  John 3:9

This well known, well educated religious professional evidently did not find sufficient satisfaction in his religious rules and accomplishments.  So he slipped out to visit Jesus one night, perhaps so that his colleagues didn't see him going to visit Christ.  And when he meets the Lord, he has lots of questions for him.  First he wanted to know how Jesus performed his miracles.  The real question revolved around whether or not Jesus was the promised Messiah. 

When Jesus turns the attention back to Nicodemus, he tells him that he has to be "born again" to ever see or understand the Kingdom of God.  This baffles Nicodemus and he asks a great question.  The best question.  "How can this be?"

He is filled with wonder and confusion at how a grown man could enter back into his mothers womb for a second birth.  I wonder if we have become so comfortable and familiar with the grace of God that we have lost the wonder of it all.  Have you stopped asking "How can this be?"

God notices me and loves me, all the way from his throne in heaven.  "How can this be?"

Jesus took my place on the cross and died for my sins.  "How can this be?"

Jesus rose from the dead to save me and will come back to get me.  "How can this be?"

God gave me a wife I did not deserve and two boys that fill my life with joy.  "How can this be?"

God uses me to preach His gospel and save people, inspite of all my faults.  "How can this be?"

God allows me to serve in the greatest ministry on earth with the most amazing staff imaginable.  "How can this be?"

Create your own list.  Think of all the blessings, the surprises, the good things that God has done for you and given you.  The longer your list gets, the more amazed you will be at his goodness to you.  Never stop asking this simple question.  When you think about God's love for you, you should always respond with, "How can this be?"

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