Only God Knows

When you find yourself growing anxious or fearful about a situation, a conversation, or a confrontation, the seed of that anxiety is always something unknown in the future.

For example, you assume that the conversation you must have with a co-worker or your spouse will go badly.  You assume that they will not see your perspective or that they will be difficult to communicate with.  So you create a scenario in your mind and begin to imagine that things have already gone badly.  You work yourself up for days before the conversation actually takes place.

In reality, you didn't have any clue how it would actually turn out.  You didn't know.  How could you?

Or you are filled with fear about a doctor's report that you are waiting on.  You can't sleep because you continually worry about the beginning of the semester, the exam you haven't fully prepared for, or the relationship that is on the rocks.  All of these scenarios have outcomes that you cannot possibly predict.  They are in the future, yet to be lived lived out.  But you stress and obsess over them before they actually occur.

How many times have you been relieved to find out that the thing you were so worried about was nowhere near as awful as you had anticipated?  I often kick myself after the issue has been resolved or the event that caused me anxiety has passed, because I realize I wasted precious energy and lost precious sleep over something that wasn't really that big of a deal after all.

The bottom line is this; we have no idea what the future holds. ONLY GOD KNOWS.  And that should give us great peace, knowing that we don't have to handle every scenario because God has it covered.  If we can trust His supernatural power to intervene in our situation, knowing that He knows the outcome, it will change our perspective in every area of our lives.

And we will get alot more sleep.

What areas of your life do you worry over?  

What is causing you stress right now that you could turn over to God?

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