Many Elections. One Resurrection.

by: Clayton King, Founder + Evangelist + Author

A wise person once said that when you mix religion and politics, you get politics.  Conventional wisdom has, for years, advised us all to avoid talking about these two topics with family members and close friends.  If there are two issues that can polarize a room full of people faster than politics and religion, I haven't seen them (UNC vs. Duke may be a close runner-up).

I shy away from endorsing political candidates publicly.  At the same time, it is essential, in my opinion, for Christians to remain engaged in the political processes that keep our democracy free, safe, and governed "by the people and for the people."  Our desire as followers of Christ is for the gospel to be proclaimed freely, without government coercion or intervention (as dictated by our Constitution) as well as the flourishing of all people who call our country their home.  We shouldn't just want a utopia for evangelicals. We should pray and work for a safe and stable nation where all her citizens can enjoy the freedoms and responsibilities of living in the most blessed, prosperous nation that the world has ever known.

But I must admit that election cycles, though fascinating and important, always remind me that our ultimate hope is not in Presidents, Princes, or Prime Ministers.  While a President can create policies and steer a country in the right or wrong direction, they cannot change the hearts of people.  While elected officials can work for temporary solutions to long term issues, they cannot solve the eternal problems of sin and death.

I don't mean to minimize the importance of elections, especially the one before us.  With a vacancy on the Supreme Court and issues like healthcare, immigration, terrorism, and poverty looming large on the horizon, this election matters significantly for the world that my children will grow up in.

But there has never been a candidate in any election anywhere at any time in human history who can claim that they came back from the dead.  Not one of the current people running for President can claim, amidst all their promises to fix the economy and provide health care and protect our borders and help the middle class, can promise to defeat death or forgive sin.  There are many elections, but only one resurrected King.

So yes, I'll be casting a vote on election day.  But I fully expect to be disappointed at some point, not just with the new President, but with the entire system.  I also know that I will be disappointed in myself and my inability to do anything good on my own.  So while I may give my vote to a person, I'll only give my life to Jesus.  My heart will continue to belong to Him.  He's our only real, lasting, longterm hope.  He keeps His promises.  There's an empty tomb in Jerusalem that proves it.

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