Fighting Fear

If you struggle with fear, anxiety, panic, depression or discouragement, I have a word for you from 1 John 4: 10-18.  

Fear is not a tennant you tolerate.  It is an enemy you expel.  We lose against fear when we cease to fight it.*

When fear of rejection, the unknown, the past, or the future cripples you and takes you hostage, treat it like a war, a battle, a fight, and do some things Biblically to break the stranglehold that has rendered you helpless.

1.  Don't Stop Moving - If you stand still in your fear, you are a wide open target.  Move forward in the love of God.  Take evasive measures.  "If you find yourself going through hell, by all means, keep going." Winston Churchill - don't pitch a tent in your hell of fear.  Move through it by God's grace.

2.  Predict Your Enemies Movement - Treat fear like an enemy that needs to be faught and defeated, and pre-empt his game plan.  2 Corinthians 2:9-11 says we should not be ignorant or unaware of Satan's schemes.  We know Satan is a liar and a killer, so don't be caught off guard when fear and panic overwhelm you. Be resting in God's love when the attack arrives.

3.  Eat The Right Stuff -  Verses 15-16 tell us that we are made complete when we rely on God's love.  This is an action, a verb, something we actively do.  Just like a runner, weight lifter, or Olympic athlete, we must fill ourselves with the substances that provide us health and energy.  When it comes to being crippled by fear, we must rely on God's love for us as the source of our significance and value.  If we swallow the junk of our culture, we will be weak and sick and spiritually unable to withstand the onslaught of depression and panic. Our defense is God's love in Christ.

4.  Trust Your Teacher - Verses 13-14 remind us that we have the Holy Spirit in us...our guide and teacher and helper.  Our weakness should drive us to Him for strength, wisdom, comfort, and refuge.  He reveals the love of God to us.  Walk in the freedom of knowing that your teacher, The Spirit of the living God, has got your back.

This passage tells us that perfect love "drives out fear."  This language is aggressive and violent.  To drive something out means getting serious enough to take drastic measures.  Jesus "drove out" demons.  Jesus "drove out" the money changers in the temple.  And now, His perfect, unconditional love "drives out" our fears if we walk and remain in that love.  May God liberate you today in His perfect love from the fears that attempt to tie you down.  Don't tolerate fear.  Fight it.

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