The Women In Your Life

Charm is deceptive and beauty is fleeting; but a woman who fears the LORD is to be praised.
Proverbs 31:30

May 1st was a momentous day in my life.  On that day our ministry celebrated 20 years of Crossroads Summer Camps, complete with a party and food and hundreds of our friends and supporters.  We were surrounded by people we love as we celebrated two decades of ministry to over 70,000 students.  That day will also be special on a different level; it was also my 16th wedding anniversary.  

Planning for these two anniversaries that I celebrated on the same day caused me to pause and reflect on what an unbelievable blessing my wife Sharie has been to me.  She is my best friend, my confidant, my chief advisor, my partner in ministry, my girlfriend, my lover, and my companion.  She home schools our kids, she writes books and blogs, she manages our home, she teaches and speaks to women and college students and teenagers, she cooks amazing meals, she has impeccable spiritual discernment, and she's a world class artist as well.  I just cannot believe that God would allow me to love and be loved by such a woman.

I am regularly around females.  I have female employees and interns.  I preach to audiences that are at least half female.  But there is really only one woman in my life, and that's Sharie.  I don't eat lunch or have coffee or hang out alone with any other women.  Just her.  She's the only one, and I am a better man because of it.  She has the ability to captivate me with one smile and disarm me with one look.  She can say more to me with one word than most people can say to me in a lifetime.

There was another woman in my life for nearly forty years.  Her name was Jane and she, along with my father, adopted me when I was just a few weeks old.  She was an amazing woman as well, in many of the same ways as my wife and in many different ways.  She was selfless, sacrificial, dedicated and tenacious.  She raised me to be a man of God, to work hard and respect women and clean up after myself.  It wasn't until after I married Sharie that I realized my mom was preparing me not only for life, but also for my wife.  She had instilled in me the skills and character that I would need to raise kids, follow Jesus, and be a faithful husband to Sharie.

My mom died suddenly in 2010.  She fell dead in the floor less than two hours after she and I spoke on the phone one Sunday afternoon, the victim of a heart attack.  When Jane King left this world and entered heaven, there was only one woman left in my life.  And I plan to spend the rest of it loving her, cherishing her, serving her, and honoring her.  

Think about the women in your life, and I bet you will have much to be thankful for.  Take the time to tell your mother or your wife, your sister or your daughter just how special they are to you.  If possible, go see them and tell them face to face.  Don't miss a single opportunity to honor the women in your life, and don't just do it on Mother's Day.  A woman who fears the Lord is to be praised.


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