Best Summer Ever? Celebrating God's Movement

One of my core convictions is that when God moves, anywhere, using anybody, I am going to rejoice.  Whether He uses another church, another pastor, or another ministry...if the gospel is being proclaimed and disciples are being made, I will be the first one to raise my voice in a shout of praise to God.

With that in mind, I want to boast in Christ for what He did this summer at Crossroads.

1.  We celebrated 17 years of summer camp ministry without the financial backing of a denomination, grants, or huge donors.

2.  We grew by 30% the past two years in a recession.

3.  We hosted our largest number of students and leaders this summer with over 3,500 attending camp.

4.  Over 400 people responded to the gospel.

5.  Over 300 people indicated a sense of calling into ministry or missions.

6.  Students, leaders and staff gave over $40,000 to missions.

7.  Since 1996, people at Crossroads events have now given over $1 million to missions.

8.  Two young men were caught with marajuana at camp.  They owned up to their mistake, repented, we prayed with them, and sent them home.  Both gave their lives to Christ as a result of being sent home and were baptized this Sunday at their church.

9.  A husband and wife decided the day before Crossroads that they were going to file for divorce when they returned from camp.  Because of the work of the Spirit in their lives, they chose to submit to Christ, fight for their family, and stay together. 

10.  My dad died 3 days before our staff arrived to begin camp.  It was the most difficult summer I have ever experienced,  Grief, depression, discouragement, and anxiety were my constant companions.  But so was the grace of God.  I watched "His strength be made perfect in my weakness" every single day, and I rejoice in His faithfulness.

Make plans to attend our Crossroads Winter Conference in Gatlinburg TN during Martin Luther King, Jr. weekend this coming January.  And go ahead and get ready for next summer, with 5 weeks to choose from, as we celebrate 18 years together.

If your life has been impacted by the ministry of Crossroads, let me know by leaving a comment below...