If I had to give you one word that has been a game changer for my marriage relationship with Charie over the past 13 years, it would be the word TOGETHER.

There are other good words, to be sure.  And each of these are important.

Love.  Trust.  Communication.  Forgiveness.  Vacation!

Yet none of these creates the bond of friendship, mutual understanding, and warm affection like TOGETHER.

When she and I do things together, a special sense of actually belonging to one another takes root.  Actually, it took root over 15 years ago when we met.  Now, being together and doing things together simply sends that root deeper into the soil of mutual love and respect.  The more we are together, the more our love grows.

Here are some things we do together; clean the kitchen, ride 4 wheelers, take walks, go to the movies, mulch the yard, homeschool our kids, teach and speak at events, eat, talk about the Bible, cry, confess sin, talk about inner struggles, and laugh.  We laugh alot, actually...mostly at each other, and also at other people!

The more time we spend in each others company, sharing activities and making memories, the more we feel the love of Christ flow through us to each other.  And the more we areTOGETHER, the more attached we become to one another.  I would rather spend time with her than anyone esle. 

So consider how much time you actually spend TOGETHER with the person you love.  Don't try to always make it romantic or special or awesome.  Just be in each others presence doing the things you have to do anyway, and enjoy the gift that God has given you.

What simple, doable things could you begin doing right away that wouldn't be difficult at all?  What would your spouse enjoy doing with you that you aren't doing right now?