10 Ways To Know When Its Over

In a dating (talking, flirting, seeing-each-other, hooking up) relationship, you know it's over when...

1.  He cannot make up his mind if he likes you or another girl

2.  She is insanely jealous when you spend small amounts of time with your friends

3.  When you find out they are addicted to porn

4. You see a pattern of lies and deception that goes back for months, maybe years

5.  You're not married but acting like you are (i.e. having sex without the real committment of marriage)

6.  You scream and yell at each other on a regular basis

7.  If your boyfriend of girlfriend has ever hit you, hurt you, or threatened to harm you in any way

8.  Promises made are never kept and always broken

9.  You love Jesus and they don't

10.  All your wise, trusted friends tell you it's over

Of course, relationships are complex.  But it's not rocket science.  There is a common sense aspect to dating (which should lead to marriage).  Don't ignore the obvious.  Do any of these touch a nerve for you?