God Is A Good Leader

"O LORD, other lords besides you have ruled over us, but your name alone do we honor."  Isaiah 26:13

Israel had been under the tyranny of other rulers.  They knew what it was like to feel the heavy hand of a Pharoah during exile.  They were no strangers to taking orders from bad leaders.

But there was only one real leader that Israel trusted.  It was The LORD.  Of all the lords that had ruled over the house of Jacob, only God was worthy of honor. 

Your position of leadership, whether as a pastor, a coach, a parent, or a teacher, grants you some level of authority.  But it is the way you faithfully love and care for those entrusted to you that makes you worthy of honor.  God had authority, no question about it.  But His faithful, enduring love made him honorable.

We could learn something profound from this verse.  God is the standard for leadership.  Not because He has written books on the subject or built successful systems or organizations, but because His love and faithfulness never failed His people.

Don't become intoxicated by titles, systems, and formulas.  Don't pursue success as a leader at the expense of the people God has placed in your life.  Nothing is more honorable than loving and serving people.  If you want to be a great leader, start there.