2012 In Review & An Appeal To Our Friends


As the end of the year gets closer and we celebrate the birth of Jesus, I wanted to write to you personally to update you about the year we experienced and about something exciting that is happening here at Crossroads.

This year I turned 40 and also celebrated 25 years in ministry.  As I began reflecting on God's past faithfulness, I sensed a need to "Look ahead and move forward in faith."  We have never had a better year in ministry than 2012.

-Over 15,000 total decisions for Christ

-14 mission trips with hundreds of people participating in Kingdom ministry

-Our largest attendance ever at Summer camp

-Breaking the $1 million dollar mark in money given to missions since 1998 

-Beginning our 7th year of CDH (Community Discipleship Home)

-Publishing my 7th book (to release in 2013)

-Hiring a new Missions Director, new CDH Parents, and a new Itinerate Ministry Director (4 new staff)

-Preaching to over 400,000 people

-Partnering with JCTV to preach the gospel on TV across the globe (Uganda, Phillipines, South Africa, and 40 more nations)

-Just invited to be the main preaching / teaching program on the JCTV Global Network reaching 25 potential million viewers worldwide!!!

-Over 250,000 sermon views online

These are only a few highlights.  You can see that we are growing, expanding, and moving forward in faith.  It has become clear to us that in order to remain faithful to our mission to "Preach the Gospel and Make Disciples " we need to begin planning financially for the future.

We have never been a donor-based ministry and have always survived off of revenue generated from Summer Camp and my speaking ministry. However, with new employees, the growing cost of day-to-day operations and ministry projects, and new opportunities...we see that we need partners who will stand with us financially so that we can obey God as He opens many new doors for ministry.

We are not in trouble.  We are not broke.  We are planning for the future and putting action to our prayers for greater opportunities.  We simply want to invite those who know us best and love us most to partner with us by investing financially in reaching more people with the gospel.  


Where will your money go?

-Help carry out new initiatives for preaching the gospel and making disciples

-Allow students to come to camp who would otherwise be unable to attend

-Cover expenses for CDH like a new dishwasher, new roof, new HVAC unit

-Cover costs for team leaders who lead our mission trips overseas

-Offset the costs of running Camp and Winter Conference

-Help with rising costs of day to day operations and office expenses

-Invest in reaching over 25 million people a year, through events and TV, with the gospel

-Sow seeds worldwide through our Missions Program, sending hundreds annually to Asia, Africa, and Latin America.

I am asking you to pray about becoming a Ministry Partner with Crossroads by becoming a regular donor.  We have made it easy for you.


1.  Give securely online at www.crossroadsworldwide.com

2.  Set up monthly giving online with automatic draft or credit card (monthly giving is preferable and most helpful for our budgeting process)


3. Send a check to:


307 A. East College Avenue

Shelby NC  28152


4. Donate by calling our office 704-434-2920

Clayton King Ministries/Crossroads Worldwide is a 501-C-3 Non-Profit Organization and is a member of the ECFA.  All gifts are completely tax deductible.


After 25 years in ministry, I realize we cannot continue to grow and preach the gospel without your help.  I am personally asking you to pray about partnering with us to see souls come to Christ.  Charie and I wanted to lead the way, so we have committed to give sacrificially each month.  Pray, and do what God tells you to do.


If you believe in what we do, and how we do it, please join us as a partner in proclaiming the gospel.


Clayton King