I am so excited to introduce you to my new book.  Actually, it's less of a book and more like my soul bound up on paper pages.  

In "Stonger", I explore what it means to see God's strength made perfect in our weakness.  I unpack the paradox of how the Christian life is centered around Jesus becoming bigger, us becoming smaller, and how the hard times we face don't make us happy, but they can keep us humble and make us holy.

I look at Jesus, Paul, and Stephen (the first Christian martyr) as examples of how God uses weakness to display the gospel to the world.  Along side the theology of embracing suffering for a greater good, I tell the story of how I lost 9 family members in 12 years (an average of one death every 16 months), how my mother and father died 18 months apart, and how I preached my Father's funeral on Father's Day.  How fitting that I will release Stronger on Father's Day, exactly three years from the day I buried my dad.  

This book is both raw and redemptive, brutal and hopeful, and I pray that God breathes on it in order to help many of His children face their fears with faith.  I poured out my heart and soul on these pages.  I now offer it to you in hopes that you will be inspired to see that when you're hurting, God is not punishing you for failure, He is pruning you for fruitfulness.